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What Causes leaks in a roof in Houston, Texas

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Leaks in a roof can have many causes, but here in Houston, Texas, there are some common causes that we see at Rose Roofing.

Hail Damage

First, we have what’s called hail damage. When hail hits a roof, it can cause the shingles to crack or break, which then allows water to seep in and cause a leak.

High Winds

Second, we have high winds. Again, the high winds can cause damage to the shingles, allowing water to get in and cause a leak.

Thermal Expansion and Contraction

And lastly, we have what’s called “thermal expansion and contraction.” This is when the temperature changes cause the roof materials to expand and contract, which can also lead to cracking and leaking.

Do You Have a Roof Leak?

If you have a leak in your roof, it’s important to call a professional roofer like Rose Roofing right away. We will come out and assess the damage and give you a free roofing quote.

We’re Houston’s #1 roofer for a reason, so you can rest assured that your roof is in good hands with us. Call us today at 713-849-5155 to get started.

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