Why Choose Rose Roofing?

Rose Roofing is a 3rd generation roofing company that started in 1972. We offer high quality asphalt shingle roofs in the Houston market and the surrounding metroplex. Our services include roof repairs, total roof replacements, inspection reports for buying/selling homes, and other roofing request. We are a insured company. 

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

When replacing a roof, we will personally go to the house and hand-measure all the slopes to give you an accurate quote. We offer 2 high quality brands, Owens Corning & GAF. We offer highest quality of brands because we only want to give the client the highest quality roof with the least potential problems. We completely tear off the old roof to the decking and install asphalt shingle roofs. We replace all the wall flashing, plumbing vents, drip edge, ventilation, and etc. We keep finding better ways to ventilate your house to keep your attic cooler. We offer 4 different types of shingles: 3-Tab (25-year shingles), 30-year shingles, Limited-Lifetime shingles, and Designer shingles. 

How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

We get this question a lot and that is a very difficult question to answer. Pricing for roofs are first based on the square footage of your house. In roofing terms, if a roof is 4,000 sq/ft. then its 40 squares. The second step is the style of house you have. 1 story? 2 story? Is your house steep? Walkable? The third question is what type of shingles do you want to come back with. Is it a 30-year shingle? Limited Lifetime shingle? All these questions will be answered when we physically go out to the property and measure the areas needing replaced and will be tallied up in a quote.

Roof Leak Or A Busted Pipe?

When looking for a roof leak, how do you know that is a roof leak or a busted pipe? One way you can tell if it just rained, and within a few hours you start seeing stains on the ceiling or water dripping through. Check the attic (if possible) and see if there is a busted pipe. If not, please give a call and we can see if it's a roof leak and get you pricing to fix the issue.